machinery ma‧chin‧e‧ry [məˈʆiːnəri] noun [uncountable]
1. MANUFACTURING FARMING equipment that uses power such as electricity or petrol:

• agricultural machinery

• industrial machinery

ˌheavy maˈchinery MANUFACTURING
very large machines used in manufacturing, the building industry etc
ˌoffice maˈchinery OFFICE
equipment such as telephones, computers etc that are used in offices
2. a system or set of processes for doing something:

• the machinery of government

* * *

machinery UK US /məˈʃiːnəri/ noun [U]
PRODUCTION a group of large machines or large machines in general: agricultural/industrial/farm, etc. machinery »

They use modern farm machinery, such as combine harvesters.


The workshops are fitted with modern plant machinery.

drive/operate/use machinery »

If you feel tired, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery.


What happens if the machinery breaks down?

machinery goes/runs/works »

They keep the machinery working all night.

machinery manufacturer/supplier »

The site is owned by a textile machinery manufacturer.


Loose clothing may get caught in the machinery.

the structure and systems of an organization or process: »

The Prime Minister made major changes to the machinery of government.


the bureaucratic/political/decision-making machinery

See also HEAVY MACHINERY(Cf. ↑heavy machinery), OFFICE MACHINERY(Cf. ↑office machinery)

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